Thursday, 26 March 2009

Word of the Day - Vorto de la tago

A very useful aid for learning a foreign language is to practice it "little and often". For this purpose I make use of two facilities that make it easier to acquire new words on a daily basis.

Vorto de la tago sends you an email every morning with a word. This email includes not only a definition (in Esperanto) but also, and this is very important, a couple of sentences in which that word is used. For example, today's word was klacxi. It means to chat or gossip. On of the example sentences gives you the right preposition: Mi aŭdis klaĉojn pri vi. Very useful!

The other service is on Twitter. There's a 'user' learnesperanto, under whose name a handful of words with their English glosses are tweeted. Not as useful, due to lack of context. See the previous post! But still helpful.

This is just brilliant: the Web makes these things so easy (and cheap). No need to send letters by surface mail, wait for ages until a reply comes, or pay subscriptions to newsletters or similar things.

La ttt estas mirinda!

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