Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I am now halfway through the 10 lesson correspondence course, and I feel much more secure. Due to the speed I've been going through it (especially at the weekend) I need to go over the vocabulary again. Just about manage to get most of the pronouns right by now–practice makes more or less perfect.

The correlatives (45 combinations of 5 pre- and 9 suffixes) are very useful, but require some effort to be mastered. Part of the problem is probably that they don't map straightforwardly onto anything similar in English.

While searching our library catalogue for Esperanto-related material I came across a book by someone familar, Chris Gledhill, whom I know from his time at Aston. He wrote a corpus-based description of Esperanto, including a detailed linguistic account of the language itself. Interesting!

I can now write longer sentences without making too many mistakes, but complex structures still elude me.

Mi estas kapabla skribi pli longajn malerarajn frazojn, sed kompleksaj strukturoj estas tro malfacila nun ankoraux.

That sentence is probably full of mistakes, but at least it's a bit more complex than just La suno brilas hodiaux!

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